Eduardo Chillida. Frankfurt Goethe Universität

Eduardo Chillida. Frankfurt Goethe Universität

Form, Material, Space: Eduardo Chillida and his Contemporaries

July 3 – 5,  2015



July 3

Ke Note Lecture: Tony Cragg (Wuppertal, Skulpturenpark Waldfrieden)


July 4

I: Practice, materials and techniques: pragmatics and poetics

09:15: Christa Lichtenstern (Berlin)

Rhythmus als Movens des Raumes. Überlegungez zu einer ästhetischen Kategorie Chillidas.

10:00 Julia Kelly (Loughborough)

Sculpture and the sea: Chillida´s maritime imagination

10:45 Woulter Davidts (Ghent)

Models, prottypes and miniatures: Eduardo Chillida and architecture


II: Philosophy, aesthetics, theory: concepts of form, material and space

12:00 Ana Maía Rabe (Medellín)

Dialogue versus geometry: A comparison between Eduardo Chillida and Sol LeWitt.

14:00 Antje von Graevenitz (Amsterdam)

"Lightrooms" in the volcano Tindaya on Fuerteventura compared with the Roden Crater in Arizona. Chillida´s project and James Turrell´s realization.

14:45 Sabine Maria Schmidt (Düsseldorf)

"Multiplying owners not the art works"- Chillida´s concept of "public space".

15:30 Sylvaine Hänsel (Münste)

"Material und Ausdruck"- Überlegungen zu den Arbeiten von Richard Serra und Eduardo Chillida.


III Contemporaries, cotexts and critical reception

16: 45 Bruce Beasley (Oakland)

The language of Pure Form: A sculptor´s view of Eduardo Chillida

17:30 Jyrki Siukonen (Helsinki)

The hands of the forger. Touch lost and regained


5 de Julio

III Contemporaries, cotexts and critical reception

09:30 Jon Woods (Leeds)

Chillida and British sculpture

10:15 Alexander Potts (Ann Arbor)

Eduardo Chillida and Henry Moore- public sculpture as ideological and artistic poject

11:30 Alexandra Parigoris (Leeds)

Making friends at the Galerie Maeght: Chillida and the language of an International French Avant-Garde.


IV Legacies: engagements, re-displays and re-presentations

12:15 Abschlussdiskussion mit/ Conclusion with Peio Aguirre (San Sebastian)

Chillida: Contemporary and postmodern legacies.



Peio Aguirre

San Sebastian, Curator and Art Critic

Bruce Beasley (Sculptor)


-The Language of Pure Form: A Sculptors View of Eduardo Chillida.

Tony Cragg

> Wuppertal, Sculptor,  founder of the Waldfrieden Sculpturepark in Wuppertal.

-Key Note Lecture

Dr. Wouter Davidts

>Ghent, University of Ghent, Department of Architecture & Urban Planning

Chillida-Guest Professor

-Models, Prototypes and Miniatures: Eduardo Chillida and Architecture

Prof. Dr. Antje von Graevenitz

> University of Köln , History of Art Institute

-About Light in the Space in the Sculptures of Eduardo Chillida and James Turrell

Dr. Sylvaine Hänsel

 >Münster, TU Berlin History of Art Faculty

- The Material and The Expression: A Deliberation About Richard Serra´s And Eduardo Chillida´s Artwork

Dr. Julia Kelly

>Hull, University of Hull, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Department of History

-Sculpture and the sea: Chillida´s maritime imagination.

Prof. em. Dr. Christa Lichtenstern


-Rhythm in the Movement of  Spaces: A Consideration of this Aesthetic Category in Chillida´s Artwork.

Dr. Alexandra Parigoris

>Leeds, School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies University of Leeds

-Chillida and Figuration: The Language of an International Avant-Garde.

Prof. Dr. Alexander Potts

>Ann Arbor, University of Michigan, History of Art

-Eduardo Chillida and the condition of sculpture in postwar Europe and America.

Prof. Dr. Ana María Rabe

>Medellín, Universidad de Antioquia, Chillida-Guest Professor

-Dialogue between Form versus Geometry: a Comparison between Eduardo Chillida and Sol LeWitt.